We have worked for many years in the steel construction manufacturing assembly and roofing industry. Using the experience and knowledge we have gained throughout the years, we established Elbirlik Metal Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. in 2005.

Our company realizes its customer satisfaction-oriented goals with the help of its trained personnel and the necessary tools and we strive to improve with each day we left behind.

Our aim is to provide all institutions and organizations metal construction manufacturing, assembling, roofing and to produce the necessary tools for these operations without compromising on our quality.

Our aim is to be a global brand representing our country at the international level with our continuous improvement principle by representing our country at home and abroad with our projects.

We believe that production and assembly should be an inseparable unit and we follow and implement sectoral and universal developments at the highest level for the continuity of our customers’ satisfaction and trust.

Your confidence continues to give us the strength to seek better…


Elbirlik Metal Industry and Trade Ltd. Co.

Industrialization is one of our biggest national challenges.